A New Salve and a New Look!

Introducing our Neem and Honey Healing salve with our brand new labels!

We’ve put together a natural moisturizing and anti inflammatory healing salve made for topical skin conditions such as eczema.

Made with
—>raw organic shea butter
—>neem oil
—>almond oil
—>black cumin seed oil
—>organic coconut oil

—>we infused the oils with soothing chamomile flower and anti-inflammatory marshmallow root.

—>We’ve added raw honey from local sources. Honey adds it’s own anti inflammatory properties, is anti bacterial, and is said to help with tissue regeneration and aid in healing.

—>Scented with lavender, clove & turmeric essential oils, all of which are believed to help relieve eczema symptoms due to their anti inflammatory properties.

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