Introducing: Unscented Tallow Soap!

Gentle, soothing, simple: a perfect way to describe our “Unscented Tallow” soap! This unscented fat is used to make a very gentle, long lasting, bubbly and bright white bar of soap (we’ve also added a small amount of Coconut oil to boost its cleansing power!). Tallow has a lot of history, as it was commonly used as the main ingredient in soap making on farms, ranches, and on the homestead– it was readily available, inexpensive and effective. Give your sensitive skin a break from harsh soaps and try our classic Unscented Tallow soap!




Custom Soap Orders!

We’re expanding what we carry on hand all the time, so always check with us to see what we have!  No scent or oil combination is too weird for us, but we do need to ask for a minimum order of at least 4 bars.  If you want to purchase a whole loaf (approx. 2 pounds), we can work out a large order discount. While we can give you the soap soon after completion, it is recommended to give the soap a minimum of 4 weeks to cure, but the longer the better!






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