Why make soap with beer?  The first thing you’ll notice with a beer soap is the big and smooth lather thanks to the sugars in the beer. The hops and yeast in the beer contribute skin nourishing vitamins and antibacterial properties as well.


Our soap uses our signature blend of oils, a result of repeated testing and tweaking. Our soaps are:

———–>Long lasting and firm: we don’t sell our soaps until they’ve cured for six weeks– but our cure time on average is 6 months.

———–>Moisturizing: our soaps have avocado oil and at least 10 percent pure, unrefined organic shea butter

———–>Bubbly: there’s a big and stable lather thanks to the addition of castor oil and craft beer.

———–>Nutrient and vitamin rich: because to the wide variety of oils


———–>Natural – some of our soaps contain high quality paraben and phthalate free fragrance oil, but we’ll always let you know.

Weight: 110-115 g at time of cutting, around 100 g after a 12 week cure. Please allow for some variation since the soaps are cut by hand.