New Limited Edition Body Butters!

Help us decide what body butters we should add to the line up!

Before we make a dedicated listing, we’re testing the waters for what our customers want.  So far we’re trying:

—>Lavender & Spruce: think lavender and vanilla, but with more complexity (thanks to the black spruce essential oil). We used 3 kinds of lavender EO on this one!

—>Rosewater & Lemonade: we’re not always thinking about Christmas… What’s says summer more than some lemonade 🌞??

—>Peaches & Cream: another summer themed scent 🏖 After this one we’re thinking about how to make an edible body butter…

—>Royal Earl Grey: aka Bergamot Heaven… Captain Picard would love this one! If he were real. There’s a touch of vanilla sweetness too.

—>Turmeric & Lavender Spice: for the adventurous types. We blended turmeric, clove bud, clove leaf, and two kinds of lavender. It’s definitely a unique smell that we love, but this one was more about utility 💊 – all the essential oils we used are known to be anti inflammatory, which might help with certain skin conditions (no medical claims here!)


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