Shaving Soap New Labels

We’re proud to unveil the new look for our men’s shave soap!

Our shave soap now looks as good as the ingredients we put in it, including locally brewed craft beer and raw organic shea butter.

Our current line up:

  • Kananaskis Explorer: Fir Needle, Blue Spruce, Pine
  • Whyte Saffron: Coconut, Red Cedar, Saffron
  • Bay Rum: Anise, Bay Leaf, Orange
  • Barber Shoppe: Bergamot, Oakmoss, Basil
  • Yellowhead Pass (Formerly Botany Bay): Bay Leaf, Lime, Fir Needle

Here’s what people are saying about our shave soaps:

Get yours today!  Local pickup available & flat rate shipping in Canada available for 15$.  Please be patient while we update the product photos to the new look!!


You'll love just how good this shave feels.

Our recipe combines traditional ingredients like tallow with a modern touch-- raw organic shea butter for it's moisturizing capabilities and locally brewed craft beer to provide nutrients and bolster the lather.

For the ultimate shave try our hop infused shave oil. A couple drops applied to your face before shaving will soften skin and hair allowing for a closer shave with less irritation.

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