Autumn Cabin Maple Soap Release

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Our popular fall maple scent “Autumn Cabin” soap is coming back in a big way for us this year! We’re doing the beer soap and wax melt again, but this time we’ve added the shave soap, aftershave splash and our first Macduffs Grooming liquid soap.

Scent notes include Balsam Pine, Cedar Leaf, Juniper Berry, Vanilla and Toasted Maple. While a lot of maple soap can be overly sweet, we made our Autumn Cabin be rich and earthy upfront supported by rich maple. I find that the maple really opens up when wet on the brush and on the dry down of the aftershave.

You’ll be able to purchase the Autumn Cabin shave soap and aftershave splash at our online retailers The Razor Company and Stonefield Shaving Company in addition to here on our online store. We are making one more batch of the shave soap so if we run out of stock quickly (which it looks like we will), more will be ready to go mid October.


Our soap is made with signature blend of oils including avocado oil and fair trade organic shea butter. We love scents and strive for interesting and fun combinations, all formulated by us in house.

Our soaps are:

  • Creamy, rich and full of skin nourishing vitamins thanks to the blend of six complimentary oils.
  • Long lasting and firm: we don't sell our soaps until they've cured for six weeks-- but our cure time on average is 6 months.
  • Cut to fit perfectly into your hand.
  • Moisturizing: our soaps have avocado oil and at least ten percent pure, unrefined organic shea butter
  • Bubbly: there's a big and stable lather thanks to the addition of castor oil
  • Vegan (except for our shampoo bar and Goat's Milk Castile)
  • Natural - some of our soaps contain high quality paraben and phthalate free fragrance oil in addition to essential oils, but we'll always let you know

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