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Wild Rose Country
Essential oil blends inspired by the outdoors of Alberta.
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Kananaskis Explorer

Our best selling scent now available in all collections. Four varieties of evergreen essential oils paired with a deep & rich vanilla base of tree resin and patchouli.

Our Ingredients

Our products feature quality organic oils-- including Argan, Black Cumin Seed, Hemp and Jojoba--and we avoid using any filler ingredients. Premium is our aim.

Almost all of our beard products are scented naturally with a blend of at least five essential oils & resins, formulated in house.

Some of our scents would not be possible without the aid of fragrance oils. Rest assured, our fragrance oils are paraben and phthalate free and we will always declare the presence fragrance oils to help you make an informed decision about what you're buying.

Highways of Alberta

Signature scents celebrating the iconic drives of Alberta.

Icefields Parkway

Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Spearmint under a warm base of Cedarwood.
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Crowsnest Highway

Sandalwood, Allspice & Vanilla finished with a hint of Cinnamon and Oakmoss.
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Cowboy Trail

Old Leather with notes of Musk, Tonka Bean and Amber.
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Bighorn Highway

Basil, Peppermint and Bergamot.
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Beard Shampoo

Adapted from our popular shampoo soap recipe but made with craft beer. Scented naturally with Fir Needle, Lavender & Peppermint essential oils.

Pre-Shave Oil

Get a closer shave and reduce skin irritation with our hop infused pre-shave oil. Designed with a fast absorbing six oil blend that will soften facial hair and protect your skin.

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Beer Soap

Wild Rose Country

A beer soap inspired by Alberta's official flower. Rose is blended into three varieties of cedarwood, ho wood and patchouli.