New Shave Soap Base Coming Soon

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We’ve made some big improvements to our Version 2 shave soap base. We’ve upped the moisturizing power and added some luxury skin food like organic argan oil, hydrolyzed oat protein and goat milk. There is more slip, more cushion and more creaminess helping you to get an even better shave. We’re excited for you to try it out, coming Monday August 24th!


Version 3 base now live! We've improved the lather, the cushion and post shave feel. Some changes from our Version 2 base include the addition of goat milk, hydrolyzed oat protein, organic argan oil, a bigger "superfat," more glycerine and more castor oil.

Version 3A is our base with the addition of locally brewed craft beer. This helps boost the lather thanks to the sugars present.

Version 3B is our base with the addition of aloe vera. Aloe vera is a moisturizer and helps soothe your skin.

We will no longer be making our shave soaps with the addition of beer, and eventually all batches will be Version 3B.

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