Problem Skin?

Introducing our “Neem & Hemp” soap! Formulated for people with problem skin.

Both neem and hemp oils are thought to be effective in relieving the symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and make up the majority of this soap. “Neem & Hemp” is also great for anyone with sensitive skin in general.

We kept in some oils from our main recipe to boost the lather and moisturizing qualities.

Since essential oils and fragrance oils can sometimes aggravate skin conditions further, our Neem & Hemp soap is unscented– however, some may detect the scent of neem oil.

Lip Balm

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Product Details

Made with raw organic shea butter and organic hemp oil that will protect and moisturize your lips. Bolstered with avocado oil, cocoa butter and skin nourishing vitamin E, which also helps to extend the shelf life of the lip balm.

Comes in a standard lip balm tube, perfect for travel.

Available in two flavours:

Peppermint Vanilla - Made with natural peppermint and vanilla flavours.
Cherry Vanilla - Fruity and Sweet; our best seller!

Comes in a 4.5 mL tube.

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