Green Tea and Cucumber Anti Aging Mask

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Our green tea and cucumber mask rejuvenates your skin and will make it radiant and feel smooth.

The blend of green tea and cucumber helps reduce the signs of aging because of it's high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. This is a milder mask compared to dead sea mud or seaweed, so it's okay to use if you've got dry skin.

To make our masks work harder for your skin we have added some special ingredients that add rejuvenation and moisturizing powers: Aloe Vera Extract x200,silk powder, and allantoin, an active ingredient in shea butter!

  • GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Green tea botanical extract has earned its title of “anti-aging” from its potent source of antioxidants (catechins), which fights damage caused by free radicals. Green tea extract is a good source of Vitamin E which is essential to keep the skin conditioned and moisturized. Green tea extract also has caffeine in it which stimulates the skin, and in turn increases circulation.
  • CUCUMBER PEEL EXTRACT: Another powerful antioxidant. Cucumber peel extract has great astringent properties which shrinks pores and tightens skin. Cucumber peel is a natural source of silica, a vital component our skin needs to draw in and retain moisture.
  • ALLANTOIN POWDER: An active ingredient in shea butter, allantoin is loved by soap makers and lotion-crafters for it's many wonderful protective properties for your skin. It's a powerful humectant (draws moisture from the air to your skin), reverses the effects of aging, helps heal minor cuts, sunburns, chapping, diaper rash, sun burn and known to soothe other general dry skin related ailments.
  • SILK POWDER: Has a chemical composition that is similar to skin and hair, so it easily penetrates and is absorbed by skin: a great source for any skin nourishment and maintenance routine. Silk has moisturizing and humectant properties on par with glycerin, but also leaves a smooth sheen and promotes elasticity.
  • ALOE VERA EXTRACT: Famous for it's soothing, healing, and moisturizing benefits to skin, aloe vera is a traditional source of skin care. Our Aloe Vera is 200x strength, meaning that every gram of aloe vera extract is the equivalent of 200 grams of regular aloe vera gel.

We sell the mask as a dry powder to bypass the need for preservatives (you'll have to add the water yourself), leaving you with a 100% natural product that helps keep the cost down: compare with products with water added that are twice the size: water free keeps longer (2-3 year shelf life), no full spectrum preservatives, less packaging, and less shipping weight as well.

Directions: Mix approx. one teaspoon of mask with one half teaspoon of water in a bowl and mix well (2:1 ratio of mask to water). Apply to skin and wait until mask just starts to dry, about 10-15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse. Should be enough to make 12-15 masks, depending.

If you've made too much mixture, don't worry! The powder and water mix should last about at least week or so in the fridge.

*Comes in a high quality and reusable 2 oz glass jar with metal lid. To keep our masks the same price we don't sell by volume, but by weight. This particular mask is much denser than our other masks and takes up much less room to fill the same weight (25g) as our other masks.

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