Sweet Fennel & Rose Diffuser Blend

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Top: Citrus, Herbaceous
Middle: Rose, Grass
Base: Black Liquorice

Our Sweet Fennel & Rose diffuser blend is spicy, sweet and richly floral with a very light hint of citrus. Sweet fennel adds a mild black liquorice complexity tempered by the a rose inspired floral combination of ho wood, rosewood and palmarosa essential oils.

Please note that rosewood is an endangered plant due to unsustainable harvesting - we use Rosewood "Nature Identical" essential oil, which uses elements from other essential oils to reproduce the scent naturally.

These are undiluted essential oils and are not to be applied directly to skin or ingested. To make skin safe, dilute essential oil blend in a carrier oil (such fractionated coconut oil) at a dilution level starting around 2% (98 mls of carrier oil to 2 mls of essential oil).

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