We’ve made some pretty big improvements to the feel of our Beard Oils!

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I use our beard oil every day after I shower and from there I usually like to get right to work or play some guitar. The only thing though, is my hands would still be a bit greasy from the oil. It was never a serious problem, but I did notice it.

In our past formulas, we focused on making sure you got the most nourishing oils for your beard and skin- organic argan oil and organic black cumin seed oil made up the bulk of our recipe. These are fantastic oils for skin and hair but they can be heavy. I love to tweak and play around with our products, so this became the only excuse I needed to play around with our formula.

Organic argan and black cumin seed oil are still the first two ingredients. I didn’t want to sacrifice the unique feel those oils bring. I added oils that are still moisturizing but are also light, non greasy and very fast absorbing.

I didn’t stop at just making the oil lighter. Now our beard oils come with meadowfoam, abyssinian and Neossance Squalane. To the more skin and hair care savvy, these oils will be instantly recognizable.

Don’t have a beard? You can use the oil on your face, as an after bath body oil or a pre-shave oil.

For a full list of all sixteen oils in our new formula, go to any beard oil listing. Our beard oils are scented naturally with essential oils, absolutes and resins. I hope you’ll love the changes as much as I do!

Our beard oil is made from a blend of sixteen premium oils, including organic argan oil, organic black cumin seed oil and Neossance Squalane.

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