MacDuff’s Soap Company really began after Sean and Kalista grew tired of restaurants. Inspired by the challenge of learning different kinds of cuisine, the DIY ethic began to grow and led to bread making, gardening, home brewing and winemaking, and finally, soap making. With Kalista’s longstanding career in the customer service industry and Sean’s passionate creativity, MacDuff’s Soap Company officially began in 2017 with their zesty Scottish Terrier, MacDuff, as a mascot.

Since then, MacDuff’s Soap Company has grown beyond soap into a full line up of natural bath and body products and two additional luxury product lines: MSC: SPA and MacDuff: Men’s Grooming Products, carried by various shops in the Edmonton area.

In addition to running this company, Kalista works in the local craft brew industry and runs two blogs: and; Sean is a musician and guitar/bass instructor. You can find out more about his work here: