Our Ingredients

Committed to Quality

From the start, our goal was to make the best products we could while staying as affordable as possible.

Our main soap recipe uses a six ingredient blend including raw organic shea butter & avocado oil.

If we aren't adding in special ingredients like craft beer, aloe vera or goat's milk, our soaps are made with fresh water from the Rocky Mountains.

Our beard oils feature some our finest organic oils like hair conditioning argan oil and skin soothing black cumin seed oil.

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What Does "Natural" Mean?

It's generally understood that no artificial or synthetic ingredients makes for a "natural" product, and we would agree with that.

However, there are no regulations or strict rules as to what makes a natural product or to enforce claims. There are many cases of other companies declaring their product is natural--but a quick look on the ingredients will reveal their product has synthetic fragrance oil or the like.

We have no problems using fragrance oils free from from parabens and phthalates, and stand behind our choice to use them in some of our products. However, we are not comfortable with calling a product 100 percent natural if there's synthetics present.

We will always inform you and make it abundantly clear if a product has fragrance oil.

Why We Use Fragrance Oils

Some of our scents would not be possible without the aid of fragrance oils. We love the creativity they afford us and they stand up to the chemical processes of soap making much better than essential oils. We know when to use them (in some of our soaps), and when not to (almost everything else).

All too often we see competitor claims that people using fragrance oils in their products do so to cut down costs. You've probably seen those claims as well.

This is absolutely not true.

Our fragrance oils are, on average, more expensive than our essential oils--by a significant amount! We don't use any ingredients simply to reduce costs, despite any claims otherwise.

We Love Shea Butter

If you've been a customer of ours, you might have noticed we love shea butter.

It's the ingredient largely responsible for the rich feel of our soaps. We love it's excellent moisturizing power and vitamin rich nature that makes our whipped body butters so popular. It's also great for maintaining healthy hair, so it's a main ingredient in our beard balm.

Our shea butter is organic, unrefined, fair trade and sourced from a reputable Canadian distributor.

Because our shea butter is unrefined, it can sometimes get "grainy" (this doesn't apply to soaps). While we do our best to prevent graininess (you can temper shea butter, just like chocolate), it is a natural and inevitable result of temperature changes. Graininess is purely a cosmetic issue and does not affect performance of your product!

Cruelty Free

Eating ethically raised meat has always been important to us, so it was an obvious choice to move in that direction for our business. We have recently switched to using beef tallow purchased directly from a family run ranch in southern Alberta. Not only are we happy to be supporting Alberta farmers, but the cattle are certified cruelty free and certified grass fed.

This is the best tallow we could possibly find, both ethically and for your skin.

You can experience this tallow in our new shave soap recipes, available end of June 2019.

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