Welcome to our new MSC line of “aromatics”. We’re starting with diffuser blends from our best selling scents from both our bath & body and men’s line.

With our extensive essential oil library, we are happy to offer custom scents tailored to you!

Roger's Pass Diffuser Blend

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Notes: Spicy Mint, Bergamot, Black Pine, Juniper Berry, Black Spruce, Cedarwood, Birch, Wintergreen

We tried to capture the feeling of a breath of fresh, icy mountain air with our Roger's Pass diffuser blend. It's fresh & crisp without being overly mint forward. Notes of sweet bergamot and black pine compliment the wintergreen, mint and cedar base.

This is the essential oil blend used to scent our Roger's Pass beard oil and balm.

These are undiluted essential oils and are not to be applied directly to skin or ingested. To make skin safe, dilute essential oil blend in a carrier oil (such fractionated coconut oil) at a dilution level starting around 2% (98 mls of carrier oil to 2 mls of essential oil).

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Apply 3 or 4 drops to your diffuser, depending on size and how long you want your diffuser to run.

Since these are pure and undiluted essential oil blends, you can use these for your DIY projects:

  • Add to unscented massage oil (we suggest 1-2% to start off)
  • Epsom salts for your bath (please note that it is important to still dilute the essential oils in a carrier oil!)
  • room spray
  • make your own great smelling cleaner with lemon juice, vinegar, water and our diffuser blends. Without the aid of an emulsifier, you will need to shake the bottle before each use.

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